Kids grow up so fast these days [Sally Sucker and Laddie Sucker]

Rumex acetosella, or Sheep’s Sorrel, is a common weed found through out… well… the entire Northern Hemisphere of Earth. It has hardly a quality that gives it value, except as a curdling agent for cheese, which I assumed just happened naturally, given… you know… that it’s dairy.

Well that’s not the only bit of value. It supposedly has a lemony, tart flavor and has been used as a flavor agent and garnish in cuisine. A tribute to this flavor is the name Sally Sucker, amongst various other Sally inspired names, as children in Newfoundland have been known to chew on the sour leaves. Not to be considered inappropriate (although I figure that point is moot after calling it Sally Sucker), there is a gender equal name: Laddie Sucker.

I’m sure visitors have never been confused by this.


One response to “Kids grow up so fast these days [Sally Sucker and Laddie Sucker]

  1. I’ve never heard it called that. We ate the leaves when we were kids (although our mother would yell at us and tell us to stop because you never know, a dog could have peed there). We called them Sour Ducks. And what a thrill to find a big patch of sour ducks to munch on (as long as Mom wasn’t looking).

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